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Founder of McGinn eComm, Betsy is also the co-author of The Amazon Roadmap: How Innovative Brands are Reinventing the Path to Market, the quintessential start-to-finish guide for launching, recalibrating, and optimizing business on Amazon,  ensuring continued growth on this powerful platform.


As Seventh Generation’s first eCommerce channel

director, Betsy pioneered the company’s innovative

eComm strategy, and created a thriving

multimillion-dollar partnership with Amazon and other key online retailers. 

Since founding McGinn eComm in 2014, Betsy has worked with hundreds of natural and specialty brands to establish and

strengthen both strategic direction on Amazon and Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce. From product development and profitability optimization to guiding organizational change, McGinn eComm leads clients through every step of this complex channel, helping

to ensure successful and profitable online businesses.


Betsy serves as a board member and advisor to a variety of natural products brands and CPG investment firms. She is a regular

speaker at events and conferences around the globe.

The Amazon Roadmap:

How Innovative Brands are Reinventing the Path to Market

by  Betsy McGinn & Philip Segal

Every great journey starts with great preparation. A once-over for your transportation, a researched route, and a realistic ETA—these are things that make the trip enjoyable and give you the ability to make good choices when things don’t go your way.


Launching your brand on Amazon is like taking your company on a road trip--times ten! More and more new and innovative brands use Amazon as their route to market, and the most successful ones conduct extraordinary preparation before ever arriving at Amazon’s door. They invest time and resources to measure their current capabilities, seek expert guidance, develop a strategy, and execute meticulously.


To ensure the best success for your brand, you need to do the same. The Amazon Road Map outlines the key information you need to plan your brand’s successful Amazon launch from start to finish, and to ensure continued growth for your company. With our combined decades of Amazon expertise, we’ll help you develop a solid understanding of the eCommerce landscape so you can chart a smart course and avoid the tourist traps, dead-ends, traffic jams, and other headaches that ruin a journey.

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